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EvaSUE is one of the oldest Para churches in Ethiopia with a legacy of more than four decades of reaching thousands of College Students and graduates with integrity and solid Evangelical teaching.

EvaSUE Alumni is established formally under the auspices of EvaSUE and the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Association (EECA) in July 2007.  The Alumni is established under 501(c) 3 religious non-profit organization (entitiy # 26-2076679) and its sole purpose is to support EvaSUE by raising funds and resources, providing organizational support, and serving as a bridge between EvaSUE and partners like you here in the US and the Diaspora.

EvaSUE’s growth is one of the top few compared to all student fellowships worldwide in the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).  EvaSUE is a member of Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE).  EvaSUE Alumni is a member of the Evangelical Churches Association (EECA) here in the US.

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Happy Easter 2014!

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Phoenix, AZ here we come!

Selam Friend,

2012 EvaSUE Conferences are going in full swing.  We were at Chicago and Columbus in August, and we are getting ready for September events.  We are going to Phoenix, AZ for a weekend conference on September 15 and 16 that will be held at El-Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church.  Mamusha Fenta will be teaching, Kuku (Nefthalem) and Biniam will be singing, and, Zelalem Abebe will be presenting what the Lord is doing among students and graduates in Ethiopia.  Please plan to be there if you are going to be around Phoenix area.  Also, please tag yourself and your friends to get the word out, or call ur friends.  Details in the filer below.

In Him,
GIrum for EvaSUE Alumni Board

EvaSUE Phoenix, AZ  2012 Conference Poster ad

EvaSUE Phoenix, AZ 2012 Conference Poster ad


EvaSUE Alumni Columbus, OH area Conference is here

We are excited to announce that we are holding EvaSUE Alumni conference for Columbus, Ohio area on Augist 17-19, 2012 at Peniel Ethiopian Evangelical Church.  We are grateful to the hosting church and to all who are taking part in the conference

Please keep praying and preparing to attend the conference if you live close by.

In Him,

EvaSUE Alumni Board

EvasUE Alumni Columbus area conference

2012 Events are Here!!! Chicago, Columbus, Phoenix

Selam all,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the beginning of EvaSUE’s summer events here in the US.  This Summer drive might extend to fall so we can reach few more cities.  In the past two years, we hosted a total of over 23 conferences.  We were able to raise a bit ove4 $100K for EvaSUE’s ministry in Ethiopia.  This is HUGE!!!! We are thankful to all our partner churches, Alumni and ministries.

We are beginning this year’s event with Chicago.  Please pray and participate. Feel free to inquire on how to support Evasue, or just hit the “Donate” button if the Lord puts EvaSUE in your heart.  Please remember your Tithes go to your local church, but if the Lord gave you abundance, please support this great ministry with any amount you might allocate.

Here are the details of the upcoming Chicago Area Regional Conference:


EvaSUE Chicago Conf.

2012 EvaSUE Alumni Events Coming Soon


Selam Friend,


The Lord has helped us complete 14 events in 2011 in 14 cities across the US.  Now it is time to begin the events for 2012.  Your prayer and support is greatly appreciated.  Please present EvaSUE and its Alumni before the Lord as we prepare to start the events for this year.

In Christ,

EvaSUE Alumni Board

San Jose and Bay area Conference for 2011 is here


Selam friend,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform you that the Evangelical Students and Graduates Union of Ethiopia (EvaSUE) Alumni is wrapping up this year’s promotional conferences at the upcoming conference at San Jose, CA.

This 3 days conference is our 14th and last conference in 2011.

We started out back in March and held 13 conferences till end of october. Cities reached are Sacramento, CA, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Milwaukee, WI, Toronto, Canada, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, PA, and Minneapolis, MN. 

Now the last event for this year is at San Jose, CA in about two weeks. Please pray and get the word out so we all can celebrate together what the Lord has been doing among students and graduates this year in Ethiopia and here in the Diaspora.

We will spend some time on the scriptures, singing, listening to reports, testimonies, and a skit from the Bay area EvaSUE folks.

We will be joined by pastor Mesfin Mamo from NJ and Pastor Abejehu Hailu from San Jose. Kuku (Nefthalem Assegid Mulat) and Kibrom from Mekrez Choir all the way from Ethiopia. 

In His Service, 

Girum for EvaSUE Alumni Board

Denver ad 2011

Denver area EvaSUE Conference gets help from Ethiopia


EvaSUE Alumni had already hosted conferences in 8 US cities this year. We have 6 more to go. Denver area conference is going to be just one of a kind. Pastor Tesfaye Gabbiso and Nigussie Bulcha, both form Ethiopia will minister in our Denver area Conference in August 25 – 28, 2011 at Addis Kidan Ethiopian Evangelical Church. Do your best to be there! Get the word out so others in your friend circle could hear and be part of this blessing. 

One last thing, please pray for the conference and the ministers.

Girum for EvaSUE Alumni Board



EvaSUE Area Conferences in North America under way

Moving in full gear


Overview of 2010:

EvaSUE Alumni had a successful year in 2010 in promoting the cause for students and graduates fellowships back in Ethiopia here in the US.  The purpose of the events is two fold: Create awareness and solicit support. Awareness was created in many ways: Newsletters, e mail and social media, various websites, letters to church leaders, meetings with church leaders, and area conferences.  The area conferences focused on targeted cities in the east, west and Midwest cities.  Cities included Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Denver, San Jose, Atlanta and Minneapolis.  The results were astounding! We now have many churches fully supporting the cause and financial supports that passed USD 30K last year only.


Various projects have been designed and proposed by EvaSUE back in Addis Ababa to support the missions, evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development works.  We were able to fund these proposals that directly move the institution towards achieving its vision: producing mature students and graduates who can impact their generation!


Highlights of 2011:

The promotion effort has entered its second year in 2011.  Perhaps, it is moving in “Full Gear.”  Church leaders gave us their hands and hearts and have welcomed our requests to venues, schedules, ministers and resources positively. We planned to reach 15 cities and logistical issues have reduced our implementation plan to 13 cities in 2011.  Cities we planned to reach include Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Virginia/DC Area, Philadelphia, and Oakland.


We are very thankful to all brothers and sisters who participated in our conferences a answered our call for partnership in, and stood with us in every possible way including financially. May God bless you abundantly! Thank you for partnering with EvaSUE Alumni in praying and encouraging the student and graduates movements back home.


Contact EVASUE ALUMNI today and join the cause



xWe bless the Lord for all he did and believe in Him for the upcoming events and their outcomes


More fliers on www.wongel.com and www.wongelnet.com












San Diego Ad 2011

EvaSUE Alumni Conference for San Diego Area is here


EvaSUE Alumni is inviting you to attend the San Diego area Conference and Workshop. 

It is packed with all good stuff: Teaching on Transforming Spiritually by Pastor Truework and Pastor Daniel Zewdu.  Seasoned worship and songs by brothers Addisu and Gizachew Worku.  Papers on Next Generation Ethiopian church will be presented by former EvaSUE full time ministers Pastor Truework Mesfin and Pastor (Dr.) Assefa Gugsa and we will have a panel discussion following that.  LA youth and Drama team will be travelling to San Diego to present their plays and interesting shows.  What else? Yes – We’ll eat and fellowship with brothers and sisters. 

ALL churches in San Diego are in FULL support and participate in this event. Bring the kids too! Child care will be provided while you take part in the event.  ABATO will be there with his music and worship team.  We’ll also have video and picture reports from Ethiopia.  Zelalem has sent us a short video and we’ll see that too. Exhibits will be presented to show the 4 decade legacy of EvaSUE.  Song albums by student fellowship choirs, Bible Study Materials, Teaching CDs, T Shirts and more will be available for you to buy and benefit yourself, and of course support the student ministry back home.  We’ll auction off a GOLD ring donated to EvaSUE last year too. 

There is more…just save the Date: April 29, 30 and May 1 at San Diegoand make sure you attend the Event. 

You are INVITED!!!! 

EvaSUE Alumni www.evasuealumni.org

Sacramento Event Summary


We had a great time in our first EvaSUE Alumni conference for 2011 in Sacramento, CA this past weekend. 

The Conference started on Thursday 3/31/2011 and concluded yesterday, Sunday 4/3/2011. We are Greatful for Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church in Sacramento for hosting us and all the ministers who took part for the success of the event. The teaching on Romans 12: 1-2 was given by Pastor Abejehu Damene and great worship songs by the church worship leaders, and great songs by Gizachew Worku.  Pastor Tamirat Haile, church leaders, ministers, and the entire congregation were very accomodating.  We felt the warmth and comfort of their love and care.

JUST AMAZING!  May the Lord take all the Glory!

We had 4 sessions of teachings, abundant worship time, fellowship and food, presentations on EvaSUE’s past, present and future journey.  We were blessed to have yet another great presentation by San Jose area EvaSUE Local committee and the youth group who travelled for this conference (a team of 15+ folks) which was the epic of the awareness creation on challenges our youth are facing in colleges.  Their drama was on the book of Daniel fast forwarded to 21st century.  What a lesson!!! 

Personal testimony of one of the church elder (Brother Soka) who was a campus fellowship leader back home in Ethiopia was a validating example of the great things happening in campus fellowships.

Sacramento people were generous to open their hands and hearts to support EvaSUE.  Funds were raised from sales of teaching and song CDs, T shirts, booklets.  We will have actual figures to report once the Alumni finance committee has all dimes and nickles accounted for.

Next up is San Diego, coming up in 4 weeks.  Would you please take few minutes to give thanks for the Lord for all he is doing among students and Alumni, churches and leaders to support the student movement? While you are there, can you also pray for San Diego Event?

Thank you for your continued support to EvaSUE! 

Abundant Blessings to you!

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